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Working together with the musicians involved, I continually strive for the best possible takes, often achieving greater results than expected. Guitars are always tracked using DI's, and if preferred the amp sound can be recorded right then and there, but is usually done afterwards in a re-amping session to ensure a proper focus. The right gear and knowledge is available for tracking anything from (bass) guitars, vocals and drums to small string sections, choirs, acoustics, piano. This is where good music begins!


With a close ear to detail, the mix is carefully dialed in using both analog and digital tools. This is where your music will sound bigger than reality, or if called for endearing and subtle. No more than necessary, no less than required, the mixing process will make your music come together like never before!


To make the music shine on any medium, an extensive reference master is done using various resources. The amount of gear involved might be less in the mastering process, but the finetuning is all the more intricate. Mastering is optional to your project, upon request the fully mixed stereo track (or mixing stems) can also be delivered.


With a long track record in writing, additional components to a song could be worked in. This could be anything from little samples to liven things up, to full out epic orchestrations, ethereal choir sections, cutting synthesizers or blazing organs. Not just additions to existing songs can be written, full songs from scratch could also be made according to preference, such as an intro track or an instrumental version to a song you really want to sing for a karaoke contest!

For a full out project, all of the above-mentioned services could be required, or maybe you're just looking for compositional reviews or a mix to your ready made recordings. Whatever the request, an offer made to fit can be made! For a traditional rockband setup to experimental music using non-standard elements we can work together to achieve the best results that'll wow your audience anywhere!

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Making your music sound the way you want it to. And better.

Any project requires good teamwork, picking the right tools and services for the job is where we begin the journey starting at an idea.

Project Planning

Any succesful project starts with good planning. The artist or band is heavily involved so a schedule can be laid out well in advance. Setting the same expectations across the board and getting all wishes and desires for the project known is a big focus for me, as it's all about making your music sound the way you envisioned it, and then even better :)

Stem Assessment

For preproduction stages a back-and-forth with the musician can be had with detailed feedback on the provided stemtracks, giving musicians the chance to grow beyond the recording skills they started with and elevating the end results right from the get-go!

Full Band Recording

Would you prefer recording your band all together, either in a studio or live setting? You've got it! With the right equipment in a handy rack case recordings can be done on any preferred location.


Have all the elements come together in the best possible way. A good mix requires intrinsic attention to detail from start to finish, highlighting all the best parts in your music. Mixing is done using either Reaper or Logic Pro, whichever suits the situation best. Versatility in tools and styles make working on any kind of music possible!


Reference masters using a wide array of speakers, head- and earphones, even car speakers! Make your music sound great across the board, whether it's played on earphones using iTunes or in



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